Growing as An Empathetic Church

One Offs - Part 15

Nov. 26, 2023
One Offs



I. Introduction

  • Background information on the church in Ephesus and the reason for Timothy being sent there
  • Reflection on the importance of church and the question of why we attend

II. The Church as Wounded Healers

  • Pope Francis' reflection on the church as a field hospital after battle
  • Questioning whether we sometimes forget our role as wounded healers
  • Importance of church being about more than just superficial aspects

III. Humility in Spiritual and Practical Lives

  • Examination of 1 Timothy 6:6-8 emphasizing the call to humility
  • The idea that we enter and leave the world the same way, focusing on our humanity
  • The mantra that having bread on the table and shoes on our feet is enough

IV. The Road to Ruin and Destruction

  • Discussion on the lust for money and its potential consequences
  • Balancing the desire for financial stability with the call to humility
  • Consideration of those who struggle with finding work and financial stability

V. Jesus' Teachings on Money and Worry

  • Connection to the Gospel of Matthew and Jesus' teachings
  • Examination of Matthew 6:24 and the impossibility of serving both God and money
  • Analysis of the Lord's Prayer and the emphasis on daily bread
  • Jesus' teachings on fasting and the dangers of seeking recognition
  • Jesus' words on worry and the importance of trusting in God

VI. Conclusion

  • Reflection on the cultural context of Jesus' teachings and their relevance today
  • Identification of pitfalls to watch out for, such as the lust for money
  • Encouragement to pursue humility and trust in God's provision

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