Steal Away

Marks of A Liberating Church - Part 1

Feb. 4, 2024


Join us for a powerful sermon reflection as we delve into the significance of Black History Month and what it means for our spiritual journey. Despite battling illness, Pastor Tonetta brings a message of hope and liberation, drawing on the rich history of hush harbors and the resilience of the enslaved Africans who sought solace and freedom in their faith practices away from the oppressive gaze of the plantation.

In this sermon, we explore the intersection of Christianity, colonialism, and the quest for a liberative faith community. We discuss how the models of church given to us by Western Christianity need to be reexamined and how we can learn from the courageous examples set by those who came before us.

As we reflect on the marks of a liberating church and the importance of "stealing away" from dominant oppressive systems, we are reminded of the transformative power of worship and community in hidden spaces. This message challenges us to consider how we can embody the spirit of the hush harbors in our own lives and faith communities.

Questions for reflection are posed, inviting us to engage in meaningful discussion about our own journeys toward liberation and solidarity with the marginalized. This is a call to embrace a different model of church—one that is rooted in justice, equality, and the radical love of Jesus.

Join us for this thought-provoking and inspiring reflection as we honor Black History Month and seek a path toward a more liberating and inclusive faith experience.

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