Forgive Us: Christian Supremacy

Forgive Us: Repentance and Repair - Part 2


Heidi Mills

Feb. 25, 2024



Through the story of the Tower of Babel, Heidi helps to reveal human tendencies and the warnings we can take as we discuss the ideologies we’re stealing away from as a church. The Tower of Babel becomes a metaphor for the structures of supremacy that we build in a modern world. Heidi quotes Sam Killermann in giving examples of Christian privilege. Even if we don’t think about them, we can still benefit from the systems in our country where Christianity is embedded.

Naming Christian supremacy requires us to confront our own relationship with power. Heidi then shows us how we can use this story to repair and make meaningful changes to dismantle the tower of Christian supremacy. God deliberately creates all the languages in the world which is a powerful image of God creating and celebrating diversity.

Sam Killermann’s Christian Privilege Checklist

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