Invited To...Liturgy

Invited To... - Part 3


Matt Collinson

Jan. 21, 2024
Invited To...



Matt Collinson delivers a message on liturgy through the example of communion. Liturgy (a form according to which public religious worship, especially Christian worship, is conducted) calls us into an active expression of faith and to imitate Christ in our lives. Liturgy unites us around the world as Christians. The act of breaking bread and lifting a cup is universal and unites the body of Christ across time and space. It’s an enduring tradition that connects us through the history of the church. Early Christians all sat at the same table and ate the same food. The church was meant to be a place where people could meet God together. Everyone needs it and everyone gets it and that’s a powerful analogy of God’s grace and we embody that when we receive these tangible elements. God’s love is open and welcome to all.

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