Invited To...Discipleship

Invited To... - Part 1


Anthony Parrott

Jan. 7, 2024
Invited To...



Pastor Anthony begins a new series where we delve into not only what we're against but also, what we're for. This series will examine how we can let go of the worst of our religion without giving up on Jesus. In the first sermon looking at Luke 9:23-26, Anthony breaks down the concept of discipleship into four main points:

  1. Discipleship is not an invitation to lose or forfeit yourself.
  2. Discipleship is an invitation to ruin your life in order to save it.
  3. Discipleship is an invitation to wholeness.
  4. Discipleship is an invitation to a vision of a radically different society.

Looking at discipleship this way, it is about growth, healing, transformation, and how it calls us to challenge societal norms and expectations. Discipleship also calls us to deny certain things in our lives and embrace others. Join us as we dive deeper into the meaning of discipleship and how it can transform our lives and society. Let's challenge ourselves, ask the hard questions, and seek the answers together. What needs to be denied? What needs to be healed?

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